the idea

Self-discovery? Esoteric ego trip? I'm sorry, but it is much less spectacular. It is simply the fulfillment of a dream that many people have. However, most do not make it, others immediately after school/study or after retiring. The former is too early in my opinion, the latter too late. So I make my trip around the world in between, which is - thanks to the invention of the sabbatical - not a too big problem. Thereby the financing is secured also. (For the envious: No, nothing is given to me for free, I've saved up this year - a possibility which basically exists for employees outside of the civil service as well.)

In many forums it's possible to calculate the cost of such a journey.
But in my view it's far too individual (or should be) to rely on such information. I am, for example, a low-budget traveler, but from time to time I like to enjoy a litte luxury. Low- budget not (only) to save money, but because you experience a lot more and more authentic by using for example buses instead of taxis. There are enough other examples in the photo stories. For the interested, I've done a couple of statistics that show my costs - among others. Furthermore, I will gradually add advices for possible imitators, which are mostly based on my positive and negative experiences.

I travel for several reasons alone. First, one necessarily gets to know more people this way, secondly, I do not know anyone who wanted AND could join the trip. However, it was planned from the beginning that my daughter (one week Romania) and my girlfriend (two weeks Ukraine) come to visit me on the way. Also, I'm going to spend Christmas at home. Even if therefore it isn't a "real" worldtrip any more - it would be pretty stupid to put the principles atop of the own desires.
And Christmas I want to spend with my family.

My route takes me through South East Europe (Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine) to Moscow, from there I'll take the Transssiberian to Vladivostok. I'll continue through Southeast Asia to Malaysia. From Kuala Lumpur I'll fly - with several days stopover in Istanbul - home in mid-december. At 1.1. I'll take off again to Australia (Melbourne), and from there over New Zealand to South and Central America. Details are planned during the trip. You can follow my route either on the basis of the photo stories or on my world map.

If the Internet furthermore works as well and my laptop does not break or gets stolen, I will report regularly on this page. For Feedback I'm of course grateful...